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John Field


John Field has been many things in his career including a teacher, model and theatrical manager and agent - all of which give him excellent background for playing Henry VIII ! As Henry VIII he is in great demand for public appearances and is a regular host of medieval banquets at The Great Hall Winchester.

In another guise in the later part of December every year, he may be found in a log cabin at The London Wetlands Centre being a magnificent Santa.

He is currently arts manager of Smart Arts Centre in Stoke Newington.

Films  “’Oh What A Lovely War’, ‘Oluwale’

TV appearances have included ‘The Newcomers’, ‘Crossroads’, ‘Guide to Relationships’, ‘Breakfast Serials’, ‘Music Makers’, and for National Geographic - ‘Francis Bacon’.

Whilst producer for the Terrence Higgins Trust he managed to survive directing such luminaries as Eartha Kitt, Sir Ian McKellen, Madeline Bell and Simon Callow and several others he no longer speaks to .....

Recent theatre includes “Amy’s View” by David Hare and far too many pantomimes !

John is a member of British Equity




Tel. 020 7690 7449 Int. +44 207 690 7449

1 Grange House

229 Stoke Newington Church Street


N16 9HL